Vitamine D3-K2

Vit D, as a Sportsman you have to take Vit D. It has such an enormous influence on lots of different functions of our bodies.You cannot allow yourself to be […]


This is a zinc product with cofactors which are essential for supporting the function of zinc.Zinc is important for testosterone, bones, hair, nails, immune system and reduces oxidative stress.Every year […]


This is a superb product. You must be a bit of a nerd to understand this. This B 12 product has 3 different forms of B12 and these 3 forms […]

You Vital

The ointment has a fine, soft structure with a pleasant smell. No unwanted additions of harmful substances. Can be used on hands, arms and face. Also suited as lip balm!  […]

Why 7M

7M Tastes like raw nature. Well tolerated without dilution with water or juice. Refreshing and also suitable as mouthwash before swallowing.  This fermentation drink is completely organic and based on […]


I tried a lot of different multivitamins, because my experience is I need extra support of nutrients to meet the needs of my body. This is for me one of […]

Why Mucoperm

As a lot of other endurance athlete I had a lot of problems with my gut. The guys of Logic of Nature told me that this probably happened because of […]


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