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AquaTru VOC Carbon Filter (4)

To keep your water tasty and pure, it is best to replace this filter every year or after 3000 liters of filtered water, whichever comes first. You don’t have to look after this yourself. AquaTru will do that for you. The number of the filter will light up (4) on the display for an extended period of time. You can then take the old filter out and place a new one in. You can then press the ‘filter reset’ button on the back of the device. AquaTru will know that you’ve placed a new filter, and it will continue working as before.


Shipping: max 48 hours


The fourth and last step of the filtration process is performed by the VOC Carbon Filter. It takes out the last remaining contaminants and it gives the water its pure taste. After each filtration, this filter is thoroughly rinsed by AquaTru.

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