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Compressport shock absorption socks

Running is one of the sports that has the most impact on the joints and back. With each step it is a shock equivalent to 3x the weight of your body that you have to bear! With this in mind, runners are generally looking for solutions to absorb these shocks.

The cushioning of the shoe…

Whether you’re running on the road or on trails, your entire body will be put to the test if you don’t choose the right cushioning for your shoes. A well chosen cushioning is designed to compensate for the hardness of the ground. Be careful, however, if the cushioning is too weak you will not be protected, you risk injury, back pain and tiredness more quickly. Conversely, if it is too thick, you risk a lack of stability, as the foot is no longer in direct contact with the ground. 

…and what about the socks?

Although all runners are concerned by the issue of cushioning, there is one category that is even more so, those over 75-80 kg. It is necessary for them to absorb shocks as much as possible. And yet it is difficult to find the right shoes without losing too much stability or without changing the natural stride, and even more so if they are running on bumpy roads.

In this case it can be interesting to promote balance and to associate soft and shock-absorbing socks. The new Shock Absorb Sock aims to offer this type of comfort and helps to reduce impacts on the ground.

  1. Featuring an ultra-ventilated weave on the upper, this ultra-endurance sock adds large cushions around sensitive areas to wrap and protect the foot throughout your outing.
  2. The ankle and sole of the foot have thickened fibres for a pleasant wrapping sensation without neglecting the rapid evacuation of moisture.
  3. Thicker 3D.dots absorb maximum shock and vibration around the leg and ankle to reduce pain.
  4. On the front and middle of the foot, extra 3D.dots stimulate blood circulation and increase grip in the shoe.
  5. They are combined with an arch support to prevent movement, reducing the risk of blisters. In addition, specific fibres prevent heating and burning.
  6. Finally, the toe is redesigned and reinforced to prevent you from having a panoply of multicoloured nails after your outing on the trail or road.


The contribution of compression :

While shoes and socks reduce impact by acting directly on the area in contact with the ground, compression (on the calves and/or thighs) can reduce the diffusion of vibrations higher up in the muscles and joints.

Indeed, it acts as a muscle support and makes the muscles more compact.

  1. Muscle oscillations, reflecting the vibrations generated by ground impacts, are limited.
  2. Thus at each step the shocks are better absorbed.

Compression will thus compensate for the lesser effects in terms of shock absorption that shoes with lower cushioning may have.

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