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Compressport Pro Racing Socks v4.0 Ultralight Run High

High-performance grey crew sock for optimimal thermoregulation, exceptional comfort and improved performance when running.




Socks are one of the most important choices an athlete has to make. They are the contact point between your skin and the elements. Get it wrong, and the hours ahead will be a world of pain. Get it right, and you will fly! The third generation of the famous Pro Racing Sock Run answers the demands of ever-faster runners with cutting-edge features. Burning up the tarmac need no longer be synonymous with burning up your soles: the specific fibres act as hot spot preventers to ensure feet do not overheat and remain cool. The fabric is well-ventilated thanks to an original airy-weaving design, wicking away sweat and moisture to keep feet dry at all times. Cleverly-placed 3D.Dots on the internal malleolus protect the bone from impact for runners who tend to clip their ankle with the opposing foot when fatigued. Targeted compression boosts blood flow, while the updated toe box is reinforced to reduce the risk of beaten up big toes and blue nails. These men and women’s fasionable grey sport socks are an explosive package of technology and performance, so there is no more excuse not to hit the road in comfort and style.


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