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Compressport R2V2 Flash Calf Sleeves

High-performance compression calf sleeves with reflective fibres to stay visible and safe in dark conditions while preventing cramps and enhancing performance.



Over the years, the R2V2 has become the most iconic and recognisable product in our range. With the new Fall/Winter special edition, you will now be able to recognise it in the dark as well! With safety a growing concern the sports world, our new flash compression sleeve is designed with reflective strips on the front and back, to help you be more visible when training in dark conditions. If a bright light – such as car headlights – is shone upon them, your lower legs will quite literally flash as you run. Compressport technologies are not forgotten of course: medically-controlled compression dampens vibration to prevent cramping and limit muscle damage during effort. This also reduces pain, delays fatigue and reduces lactic acid build-up, so you can recover faster afterwards. Worn before activities, the calf sleeve encourages blood flow and prepares muscles and mind for what is to come. Ultra-stretchy and flexible, the sleeve is easy to pull on, fits seamlessly around your calf and stays put even in the roughest situations. The moisture-wicking, high-quality fibers are quick to dry and featherlight for optimal comfort. No slipping, no rubbing, pure performance. Now there are no more excuses not to head outside for that late night or chilly winter session – your R2V2 Flash will light up, and see you through!


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